18 September 2008

Upcoming Events @ Zeno's Pub

oct 4 - The Dark Side - porters, stouts, bocks, schwartz etc, food. $20 - fifteen 4oz samples
nov 1 - Achtung Baby ! - the awesome beers of Germany and some US versions, food. $20 - fifteen 4oz samples
nov 28,29 - Cask Ale weekend - All of the regular taps get shut down for 2 days - casks for all over -Bell's, Troeg's, Weyerbacher, Voodoo, East End, Uerige, Lancaster, Victory, Ithaca...pay as you go
dec 6 - Sleigh Bells Ring - winter and holiday beers - $20, food, fifteen 4oz samples.

10 September 2008

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Zeno's Pub

Cheers and welcome to Zenos Pub...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Dave...the beer loving community Thanks you!


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